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Bodyweight 9 Training Program

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Bodyweight 9 Training System

A simple, short, effective workout plan to help you burn fat fast.

Bodyweight 9 Training System $7.00
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Bodyweight 9 Follow Along Videos & Library INCLUDED
Love Handle 5 Bonus Program INCLUDED
14 Day FREE Trial to Bodyweight Physique Academy Ongoing Membership INCLUDED

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x YES Todd! Yes Todd, I'm ready to start burning body fat with short, effective workouts. I understand that I'll be charged just $7 today, and that I'll receive instant access to my Bodyweight 9 Training System, Love Handle 5 program and a 14 day FREE trial to the VIP Bodyweight Physique Academy. My purchase is covered by Todd's 60 day, unconditional money back guarantee - if I'm not completely satisfied for any reason, I can easily get a no hassle, no questions asked refund anytime within 60 days. I understand that if I do not want to be charged for the membership, I just have to cancel any time within 14 days by emailing Todd at If I do not cancel my membership within 14 days, I understand that I'll keep getting the newest videos and workout plans, and that I'll be billed $47/month. If I am not satisfied for any reason at all, Todd will gladly give me a no hassle, no questions asked refund anytime within 60 days and I can keep the program just for trying it. To request a refund all I have to do is email Todd at

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By submitting my order, I agree to the following terms and conditions: I agree to keep everything within the Bodyweight 9, Love Handle 5 and Bodyweight Physique Academy confidential. I will not share the content with others or share my username and password without express written permission from Shot of Adrenaline, LLC. I understand that my purchase is covered by Todd's 60 day money-back-guarantee. I understand that I can request a refund by emailing Todd at I understand that if I decide not to cancel my membership after the 14 day trial membership, I'll continue receiving new videos and I'll automatically be billed $47/month. I understand that Todd is not a medical doctor, and that his advice is not a substitute for medical advice.

I understand I should consult a physician before beginning any exercise or nutrition program, including Bodyweight Physique Academy... I fully assume all risks from Bodyweight 9, Love Handle 5 and Bodyweight Physique Academy and release Shot of Adrenaline LLC from all legal liability. I understand that exercise programs by their nature carry a risk of injury and bodily harm. I understand that using the exercises Todd recommends in the videos will greatly reduce the risk of injury, but as with any exercise program, the risk of injury can never be totally eliminated.